Beat the Winter Blues

The gray days of winter have arrived along with a polar vortex or two.  The days are short and night falls quickly but from the heights of the city to the seashore mother nature puts on a vibrant display.  Winter sunsets can be spectacular and I am lucky this year to be privy to a view high at Rock Center in New York City.  No two sunsets are ever the same and it is amazing how quickly the light changes. Sometimes if you hesitate you miss the moment.

Freedom Tower at Sunset

Empire State Building

Here are some winter beach images from South Carlina.  The low winter light is perfect for photographing wildlife.

hilton_head_sunrise_dec_27_2014__1421703054_55395hilton_head_gull_and_black_skimmer_dec_27_2014__1421703161_91420 hilton_head_willett_dec_27_2014__1421703128_38525In the spirit of beating the winter blues, I created a Pinterest board devoted to the subject that contains some interesting DIY projects to infuse your home with color and light!

Beat the Winter Blues with Colorful Home Decor

Enjoy! Spring is almost here!


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