Shop online Natural Kitchen and Home for charming and elegant table pitchers made from American clay, stoneware, pewter and glass.  Featuring beautiful hand painted pitchers and brightly glazed ceramic pitchers.  The small ceramic pitchers can be used to serve maple syrup at breakfast or your favorite homemade salad dressing at dinner!  Or keep it by your bedside as a small beverage pitcher.

Ceramic Iced Tea pitchers are perfect for summer's favorite brew or lemonade because a clay pottery pitcher, made of lead-free clay will not react with the acids in tea or citrus beverages.  Read my blog post on "Refreshing Natural Iced Tea and Lemonade Recipes" to stir your imagination!

Pewter table pitchers add a touch of elegance to your holiday or special occasion table.  Crafted with an attention to detail and elegance in mind.

These lovely ceramic, stoneware, glass and pewter table pitchers also make perfect gifts for any gift giving occasion.

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